How I started my business & started helping entrepreneurs scale from Solopreneur to CEO

systems Sep 23, 2020

I announced when I was 7 years old that I was going to own a business.

It was going to be a donut shop 🍩

But then I learned how early you’d have to get up to make the donuts - dream over. 😞

So when I got the idea to start Mockingbird Virtual, I was like: “Me? An Entrepreneur?”

I did a little research and then one day I made the decision. One month later I had a business and a month after that I had a couple of clients and I've been growing steadily ever since. 

But the thing that really pushed me to start this new adventure was that I was unhappy. I knew I needed: 

  • A new career
  • One with time freedom
  • One that used my passions for productivity and helping others 
  • And a career where I could earn more without working 80 hours a week. 

Sound familiar? Isn’t that why we all start our own businesses?

It’s never that simple though:

🤓 “I’m an entrepreneur now, I’m making butt-loads of money, and I work 2 hours a week!”

There’s a journey to go from Solopreneur to CEO which comes with a pretty steep learning curve, a lot of mistakes, challenges, and tears along the way.  I should know...I'm going through the same damn thing! 

As a Virtual Assistant, I’ve been on the inside of MANY different businesses, I’ve worked with MANY successful entrepreneurs and I’ve noticed that their success boils down to 5 key shifts that you need to scale from Solopreneur to CEO.

Since I’m all about helping others reach their goals I’m here to hand you the keys.
I’ve got them outlined in my free guide Solopreneur to CEO Jumpstart - It's just a quick little audit to help you get some clarity on starting to build out systems. 


Check it out and feel free to reach out if you have any questions! 😊


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