Why Instagram is the Perfect Platform for Entrepreneurs

social media Aug 09, 2020

When you're a brand new entrepreneur there are SO many questions, but some of the questions I hear the most are: 

  • "Do I need to start a website, or start a social media profile first?"
  • "Do I need both?"
  • "Do I really need both?"
  • "Should I use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter?"
  • "How do any of them even work?"
  • "What about Facebook ads?"


Hold it right there. You've gone too far!

There are SO many questions when you're a new entrepreneur and it's easy to get sucked into that spiral of figuring out which "first-step" is the right one.

So I'm here to tell you, there isn't a right first step, I had the same questions when I was getting started. I decided to cover all my bases and create profiles on Instagram, Facebook and build a website, but pretty quickly I learned that starting on Instagram was probably the better way to go.

Here's why:


  1. It's FREE: You don't end up sinking money into building a website that you'll probably end up scrapping, or having to completely redesign as your business focus starts to grow & change.
  2. It's easy to change: New businesses can change directions quite a bit, and with Instagram it's easy to change your user name, your profile, your content.


  1. It's easy to be found: Websites are not easy to find, and every single person I know who tried to start out on Facebook complain that people aren't finding them/liking their pages. With Instagram, you have many ways to help people find you.
  2. Instagram is a lot more engagement friendly: It's easy to reach people, engage with them on their content, send them DMs, and compared to Facebook it's much easier to use.


  1. It's fun!: If you've never used it before, it can feel like a lot. There are quite a few features to learn, and they're always adding new updates and every new update comes with a new strategy. Once you have some familiarity with the app it's a fun way to be creative, show off your personality and engage with potential clients.



I was overwhelmed when I got started on Instagram too, but once I started posting consistently, engaging with other users, and posting to my stories, I started to enjoy it. Managing my Instagram is one of my favorite parts of running my business now.


The biggest challenge once you start posting is consistency. It took me a while to figure out a system that's quick and easy. Now that I've found one, it helps me to get one month of content posted in one afternoon.

If you'd like to try my system for Instagram content creation, you can download it here! 


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