How I started my business & started helping entrepreneurs scale from Solopreneur to CEO

systems Sep 23, 2020

I announced when I was 7 years old that I was going to own a business.

It was going to be a donut shop

But then I learned how early you’d have to get up to make the donuts - dream over.

So when I got the idea to start Mockingbird Virtual, I was like: “Me? An Entrepreneur?”

I did a little research and then one day I made the decision. One month later I had a business and a month after that I had a couple of clients and I've been growing steadily ever since. 

But the thing that really pushed me to start this new adventure was that I was unhappy. I knew I needed: 

  • A new career
  • One with time freedom
  • One that used my passions for productivity and helping others 
  • And a career where I could earn more without working 80 hours a week. 

Sound familiar? Isn’t that why we all start our own businesses?

It’s never that simple though:

“I’m an entrepreneur now, I’m making butt-loads of money, and I work 2 hours a week!”


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